Product code: 55029
Size: 200 x 95 x 70 mm
Cling polymer surface provides a securing force to hold the product. As if more hundred suction cups held the device. Provides a very secure hold for all types of smart phone, mobile phone, tablet, GPS, navigation system, iPad etc. The 360 rotating holder ensures the proper viewing angle in every case. The cling stops using lifting power. Push gently the edges of the holder together and lift down the device from the cling surface. This case there will be air between the 2 surfaces and the vacuum ends, which can be "reactivated" any time. If the cling decreases, wash the cling surface with water then dry it.
· modern appearance
· up-to-date nonotechnology
· elegant design
Product code: 55029A
Size: 155 x 70 mm
Suitable for MP3/MP4/Mobil/GPS/PDA devices. Connect the arm to the console and fix them using the adjust buttons. Place the suction cap onto the windscreen and push the fixing arm until it stops and the console is fixed. Set up the requiered width to your device using the push button. Place the device into the console, then push the arms together to get secure hold.
· Adjustable width: (min. 40 mm - max. 120 mm)
· The holder can be rotated up and down, left to right.
· Release button
Product code: 55018A
Colour: pink
The clips are adjustable: The maximum width of the cradle is 80 mm. Perfect for 4.8 inch phone types.
Elastic fixing design: Easy to attach and detach with the elastic rubber band on to every wheel sizes.
Easy installation: No need for any extra tools, just click the mount and go.
Protection: The holder is embedded with soft silicone pad that protects your phone from scratches.
Product code: 55400
Product code: 54999
• made from extremly good adhesive gel material,
• washable, reusable
• applicable to any solid surface
Size: 145 x 90 mm
Product code: 55017
Cling polymer surface provides a securing force to hold the product. As if more hundred suction cups held the device.
1. Flip it!
Just flip to get the compact design.
2. Stick it!
Place your device firmly on to the holder.
3. Stand it!
Enjoy hands-free possibilities everywhere.
Tablet holder: Ø 127 mm
Phone holder: Ø 60 mm
Product code: 55029GY
4 poles Speakon socket - 4 poles Speakon socket
Product code: 55009
Windshield mount
Suction mount windscreen fixing (diameter: 90 mm). Vacuum technology structure insures 100% adhesion which can be easily dismount by pushing one button. It can be used on window-glass, windscreen or any dustless, smooth surface.
The holder head is tiltable in 100, can be rotated in 360 and the suction cup is tiltable in 140
The soft silicone holders protect your devices from scratches and damages.
It is ideal for tablets. Width adjustment: 273 - 330 cm
The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by misuse or incorrect installation of the device.
Product code: 55015
Multi-Use; it can be used with every type of smart phones. It can be easily applied into the vent. Ideal for navigation apps, it can fix your device properly. You can easily reach the buttons and plugs while the device is fixed. It can also be used when the protective case of the device is on.
To fix the device, stick to the back of the device, or place one of the metal plates between the device and the case. Then, due to the magnetic surface, the device is immediately attached to the holder.
Product code: 55023
Practical and universal.
Compatible with any phone/navigation/device.
Easy to install and use.
The strong magnet can hold the device securely.
Due to the self-adhesive design, the holder can be installed quickly and easily.
Due to the magnetic disk – applied to the back, or between the case and the back cover – your device can be placed on or taken off quickly. Because of the strong self-adhesive, we recommend you to apply the magnetic disk on the back, or place between the case and the device.
Product code: 55030
By this Car Vent Drink Holder, your drinks can be cooled in the summer or heated in the winter due to the outcoming air from the ventilator.
The size of the holder can be adjusted to the glass / bottle / can sizes.
Secure hold to avoid unnecessary spills.